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av | jun 9, 2020 | DEVOPS, LEAN IT

We get the question quite often – where can we learn more?  Here’s our list of Lean and DevOps tips.  Enjoy and let us know what you think and/if you have other book tips!

Swedish authors from the Stockholm School of Economics help to simply explain the essence of Lean.  Perhaps the most easily accessible book on the subject, Modig and Åhlström have wonderful insights, especially regarding flow and resource efficiency.

  • Making Work Visible – Degrandis

Degrandis reveals the real crime – TIME THEFT.  Read about how Kanban can help save you from the five thieves of time.

  • Lean IT: Enabling and Sustaining Your Lean Transformation – Bell & Orzen

A textbook for driving Lean principles within the IT environment.  Includes practical tips, case studies and examples of operational excellence.

  • The Lean IT Field Guide – Orzen & Paider

Field guide which pairs with the above textbook.  Roadmap structure of lean info and actions to pursue.

  • The Toyota Way – Liker

The definitive book about Toyotas Production System including history, examples and an introduction to the 14 management principles of Toyota.

Verktyg, stöd och kunskap i DevOps

Onbird har samlat ett antal verktyg, skrifter och kurserbjudanden på vår DevOps-sida.

  • Lean Thinking – Womack & Jones

Lean thinking explored beyond the auto industry.  Examples and history of lean’s influence in other production arenas and a variety of businesses.

  • The Machine that Changed the World – Womack, Jones & Roos

One of the classic Lean books, this is the story of the automobile industry and the evolution of Lean within it.  For a PDF summary of the book, check out http://dl1.cuni.cz/pluginfile.php/218097/mod_resource/content/0/womack_the_machine_that_changed_the_world.PDF

  • Drive – The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us – Pink

A fascinating study of motivation based on scientific and behavioral research.  Pink challenges traditional thinking and gives us the three elements of true motivation.  Wonderful input to our Lean teams.

An interesting story which is non-technical and easy-to read, The Phoenix Project provides insights into the balance of IT and the business.  First published in 2013, the book is considered an early and important book in the movements of DevOps and Lean IT.

The Phoenix Project continues in this follow-up – this time the theme explores further the concepts of efficiency, flow and enjoying your work with IT.

  • The DevOps Handbook – Kim, Humble, DeBois, Willis

As it’s titled, the handbook for the Dev + Ops movement.  How do we get the two to work together and to what benefit?

  • The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses– Eric Ries

An insightful book of explaining one way of applying lean principals to a start-up of primarily an IT-based business. Shows critical steps for success with a sturdy platform in agile methodologies but applied on a business level. Excellent way of applying some of the Lean IT principles on a business matter.

  • Respect for People – Kusén & Ljung

Swedish authors again, a book about lean leadership based on respect for people.  Kusén and Ljung use examples from their Lean journey with Scania.

Lean IT certifieringskurs

Vill du lära dig mer om Lean IT och hur det kan hjälpa dig med snabbare leveranstider?  Vi tipsar om vår Lean IT Foundation-kurs, inklusive erkänd certifiering!

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100% SAFe på Onbird!

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